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Private airport transfers to ski resorts in the Alps Mont Blanc

Transportation for travellers in the Alps

With our Transfer-Mont-Blanc transportation services, we are here to help you with the many details concerning your future trip to the Alps, starting off with you specific transportation needs. With our plateforme, you can organise new and unique experiences to live like a local.

As your satisfaction is our main preoccupation, and in order to best meet  your needs, we organize your transportation via our exclusive and professional service. Comfort in complete safety to the destination of your choice in the heart of the Alps: whether it is from an airport, train station or a ski resort we are at your disposal.

So that your stay becomes an unforgettable experience, we take the wheel while you relax and concentrate on your vacation. 

Touristic transfer in the alps Chamonix Mont Blanc


Chamonix Mont Blanc, more commonly called “Cham” by the locals, is a high mountain town where travellers from all over the world come to discover its many treasures. Indeed, you will not only hear French but English or even Russian and Chinese spoken while discovering the special spots of the village.

Chamonix brings together outdoor and mountaineering enthusiasts who have special ties to the beautiful surroundings. You will be able to contemplate the magnificence of the famous Mont-Blanc, also called the “roof of Europe” at 4810 meters.

The destination of Chamonix Mont Blanc offers a wide range of activities. You will find what you are looking for with activities on snow, in the air or with your feet firmly touching the ground. Wellness activities are also available, like a balneotherapy center, a perfect place to relax after a day of outdoor activities. 


Annecy, also known as the “Venice of the Alps”, was ranked “best place to live” in France, according to a ranking carried out by the Association of Towns and Villages of France.

Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and majestic mountains, and close to the ski resorts. In less than a couple of hours from major cities such as Lyon, Grenoble or Geneva you can be swept away to unbelievable beauty and serenity.

Its panorama combines authenticity with the cobblestones of the old town and the serenity of the calm banks of its lake. You can also take the time to discover its castle and local gastronomy. The Venice of the Alps attracts millions of visitors every year. You will be enchanted by the undisputed charm of the city… 

Touristic transfer in the alps Annecy & lack
Touristic transfer in the alps Geneva


Geneva is inseparable from its lake, or as many call it “an ocean in a pocket”. The city is located at the confluence of the Rhone and Lake Geneva.

On the right bank of Lake Geneva, you can go to “the Bains de Pâquis”. You will have the choice between bathing, relaxing or diving into enticing regional dishes… or maybe all three! Or on the left bank you’ll find lush green spaces. You will be able to stroll in the parks of “La Grange” and “Les Eaux Vives”.

Gourmets know that Switzerland is famous for its chocolate. The place to be if you are on vacation or passing through Geneva is the chocolate factory “La Bonbonnière“! It offers traditional Swiss chocolate since 1921! A real pleasure for the taste buds. 

So… what are you waiting for? 



Nicknamed the “City of the Dukes”, Chambéry is a city in Savoy, and was the capital of the Savoie states. History is round every corner. Chambéry has been awarded the label of “City of Art and History” for its historic center, which goes back to medieval times and where you can still see today remnants of the that period. Its city center is still very much alive.

The city of Chambéry has a Fine Arts Museum. You can admire its painting collections from the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. The city also has a conservatory where music, dance, arts and theater are taught and admired.

While walking around the city, you will come across Chambéry’s most famous monument: The Elephant Fountain. This square is surely the most emblematic of the city. It pays tribute to General de Boigne perceived as the benefactor of the city. 

Touristic transfer in Chambery


The designation “vins de Savoie” is recognized in the wine industry. It states that the wine and grapes come from 56 towns in the territories of Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Ain and Isère.

Set in a mountainous landscape, the vineyards have an important role in Savoyard life. As the vines are planted at an altitude of between 250 and 500 meters above sea level, the unusual soil conditions lead a unique taste.

Savoy wines come from vines located on the left bank of Lake Geneva, the shores of Lac du Bourget or in the foothills of the Alps. 

Discover the wineyard …