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Frequently Asked Questions about private transportation service

It means that a private vehicle and its driver will be reserved for you and will be at your own disposal. You won’t share the vehicle with other clients during the journey.

Depending on your wishes, your private driver will take you from your departure point to your destination but they may also make a stop for a quick break if you ask so.

Absolutely not!

The “VTC” designation refers to transportation service of people (and is used since Middle Age by the way).

UBER is an online platform, launched quite recently, that brings together clients and transportation companies, keeping a commission from the service provided.

First of all, you need to be able to easily identify the communication thanks to a clear and precise communication on its activity. Vehicles particular features, driver’s qualifications and statute, auto-entrepreneurs are to avoid! In terms of security matters… the company has to clearly display its assurance coupon!

A transportation company must insure itself specifically for its activity to cover in an unlimited way the bodily injuries of its passengers. You are in total security if the transportation company is serious and reliable, don’t forget to ask around and keep you informed!

The fundamental difference is the relational approach. Contrary to the taxi that will have as a duty its clients’ mobility, the private driver will use discretion, and they will have to listen carefully to their clients, with the right attitude and greatest availability.

The reservation system and the price calculation also differ between the two types of services.

The journey is usually calculated according to the kilometers or to the mission, fixed in advance, which insures you a final price with no surprise fee. The waiting times of the private driver is calculated per hourly slot.

It is utterly important to know that reservation before the journey is mandatory.

You need to make the reservation via the usual communication means.

You cannot request a VTC in the street or in the vicinity of a train station or airport, parking on site is strictly prohibited.

The private driver’s priority is to offer you a door-to-door service. The difference in service quality will be in their ability to wait with courtesy for your few minutes of delay. Professionalism is the key! 

These situations are usually mentioned on the general conditions but, here too, good professionals will have to show tolerance if they are reliable and will make a commercial gesture most of the time by welcoming you with a big smile no matter what!